Dr. Jon’s Urgent Care Center is a family medicine and urgent care center located in Martinsville, Virginia that provides walk in medical care for any non life-threatening illness or injury in children or adults. The mission at Dr. Jon’s Urgent Care Center is to share the love and mercy that Jesus Christ has given us by providing excellent medical care with kindness, and compassion. The Dr. Jon’s Urgent Care Center offers care of all types, including family medicine and treatment for injuries, strep throat, asthma, and most other health problems and conditions.

Dr. Jon’s Urgent Care Center has a state-of-the-art lab on the premises, including an X-ray unit, drug screening capability, and EKG machine. No matter what type of medical problem or concern a patient may have, Dr. Jon and the team are firmly dedicated to helping them become healthy again.

At Dr. Jon’s Urgent Care Center, you’re more than just a patient: we view patients as family. We pray for our patients every day. If you would like individual prayer, please ask! It would be our privilege to serve you in this area, at no charge, of course! Feel free to contact Dr. Jon’s Urgent Care Center anytime to arrange an appointment, or just walk in! Dr. Jon and the team look forward to seeing you soon.

Please note that we have a policy to not prescribe narcotics for chronic conditions, but we can help set up appointments with area pain management physicians.