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Injury Specialist

Dr. Jon's Urgent Care Center

Family Practice & Urgent Care located in Martinsville, VA

Injuries can be as small as a laceration or as serious as a broken bone. Dr. Jon’s Urgent Care Center has a full medical laboratory on site at their Martinsville, Virginia area facility so they can perform x-rays and other essential tests promptly when patients are injured. Dr. Jon's Urgent Care Center also offer urgent care so that patients can get the fastest help for their injuries.


When is an injury urgent?

The answer is simple: if you think it might be urgent, it probably is. When you have any type of injury, feel free to contact Dr. Jon’s Urgent Care Center. The medical team is happy to help you determine whether an urgent visit is necessary.

What types of injuries can Dr. Jon’s Urgent Care Center help with?

Dr. Jon’s Urgent Care Center can help with nearly all types of non-life threatening injuries. Some of the injuries that the Dr. Jon’s Urgent Care Center team commonly helps with include:

  • On the job injuries
  • Auto accident injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Burns
  • Fractures
  • Sprains and strains
  • Muscle pulls
  • Joint injuries

What types of injuries are better suited for the emergency room?

If your life is at risk, for example, from a gunshot or stab wound, it's best to proceed to the emergency room immediately. However, these types of life-threatening injuries are quite rare. The Dr. Jon’s Urgent Care Center team can help with virtually any kind of injury.

How is a diagnosis made?

The team at Dr. Jon’s Urgent Care Center will promptly work you into their schedule to perform an immediate injury evaluation. In addition to performing an expert physical exam, your doctor can further assess and diagnose injuries using the on site lab. The state of the art laboratory at Dr. Jon’s Urgent Care Center allows for prompt diagnosis of injuries using machines like an X-ray unit and an EKG machine.

How are injuries treated?

Injury treatment varies by the individual. Some injuries may require splints, sutures, or other types of immediate treatment. In other cases, an injury may require only rest at home. Your doctor can prescribe any medication required to aid in healing, as well. If you follow the guidelines provided at the time of treatment, there's no reason that an injury has to keep you down for very long. Your body has an amazing capability to heal and the team at Dr. Jon's Urgent Care Center are here to help it along in the most efficient and supportive way possible.